Estonian Travel and Tourism Association

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Estonian Travel and Tourism Association (ETFL) is a voluntary association of tourism industry’s employers that acts in the interest of its members. ETFL was founded on April 04, 1990.

The full members of ETFL are travel agencies and tour operators, associated members are transportation companies, tourism organizations, educational institutions, hotels, insurance companies, foreign tourism organizations/companies, and other organizations that offer supportive services for the tourism industry.

Main goals of ETFL:

  • Developing tourism
  • Being a quality and reliability trademark
  • Representing members’ interest in evolving tourism politics
  • Supporting members’ activity
  • Facilitating in creating new business contacts

Main acitivities of ETFL:

  • gathering and passing neutral and adequate information
  • apprising members
  • developing tourism sphere’s qualifications system
  • facilitating in creating new business contacts with Estonian and foreign tourism entrepreneurs
  • facilitating in members’ reputation formation
  • Organizing international travel exhibition Tourest
  • Doing and developing other things that are necessary or useful for ETFL members and which are in accordance with ETFL goals

The highest body of ETFL is the Council. Every member presents one deputy to the Council, who will elect the President and the Board Members among themselves every two years. Regular meetings of the Council take place twice a year: in spring and in autumn.

Between the Council’s meetings, the work of ETFL is managed by the Board of Directors who elect vice-president(s) among themselves and appoint a Secretary General. The Board of Directors settles current matters of ETFL, solves problems that do not require summoning the Council, and summons meetings of the Council. Secretary General arranges everyday work of the association, communicates with national and international organizations and companies.